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Napoleon’s retreat from Russia 1812

I’ve been working on this painting since June while writting my bachelor thesis on the same topic. I finally got to finish it, phew. Inspired by this postcard (x) which I still find very charming.

Good afternoon. I am just curious: what was your first drawing about your character Catherine?

Hello! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, my askbox is messy as hell » I really appreciate your question Anon! ♥

Anyways, I think that Cath first appeared in her pirate outfit as I was going through my PotC phase back in 2004-2005. She was wearing her pirate outfit and I was drawing her as pirate for quite long time actually. I still like it a lot c:

Pokémon sketches!

My poké OC Daniel with Jollygoat’s Connie on first sketch, talking serious business about ancient tablets with Unown alphabet, sure I am sure…

Daniel was always more like an explorer and poké-history researcher working in terrain, discovering and visiting old tombs, spending weeks of decrypting ancient writtings (usually ended up at Connie’s café to ask for help) and getting into a lot of trouble which you can clearly see on second sketch…

Hyper beam is no problem for ol’ Ichabod’s Reflect! I guess he is about to flee from a battle with some legendary pokémon haha

(in case you were thinking of going to sleep)

Ra-shammim masterpost! aka that guy that is trapped inside François’ mansion (by the owner of course) and lurks the shadows all night and day, trying to draw attention or just scare the hell out of the cat-horse.

Story time!

Originally a priest from times of Babylon that went a bit crazy and defiled his career by dark arts and necromancy. Nasty stuff, but it saved his soul and body which was mummified and put into secret tomb discovered much later … in the begining of 19th century. François was given this sarcophagus as an ordinary exotic gift to a collection of curiosities, not knowing there is someone waiting for him inside.

Since François has the curse talent of attracting the dead, Ra-shammim revealed to him and promised François great powers if he resurrects poor old necromancer so he can take over the world, revenge his death, build an army of an undead damnit he is a nice guy, just trust me.

It was tempting for François but he refused and trapped the spirit inside his mansion so he could control him …and they came to an agreement which ended up in learning a few tricks from the necromancer master and providing some rituals in return.

(Spoiler time: The more abilities François gains, the bigger influence the spirit has on him. If that keeps going, it ends up in complete control over body of François and thus sacrifise in cause of the resurrection. Aka François dies, old priest lives once again.)

If you expect happy endings, you chose a wrong person to follow.

• So here are two doodles of this charming old fart. He usually looks only as that classy tall shadow you sometimes meet in your house or like this (badass cinematic meditation time, oh yeah). These doodles were more like studies so I went to bigger detail.

• First is a great example of how his breath smells bad.

•  The second doodle is inspired by this magnificent post I still laugh at everytime I read it even tho their relationship isn’t this much aight… (also ofc they don’t speak english, it’s just for a sake of the joke)

tl;dr François keeps an evil spirit as a house pet.